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Arimura Toshi H. and Matsumoto Shigeru (Editors), "Carbon Pricing in Japan", Springer Nature, 2021, DOI: 10.1007/978-981-15-6964-7, License:

This open access book evaluates, from an economic perspective, various measures introduced in Japan to prevent climate change. Although various countries have implemented such policies in response to the pressing issue of climate change, the effectiveness of those programs has not been sufficiently compared. In particular, policy evaluations in the Asian region are far behind those in North America and Europe due to data limitations and political reasons. The first part of the book summarizes measures in different sectors in Japan to prevent climate change, such as emissions trading and carbon tax, and assesses their impact. The second part shows how those policies have changed the behavior of firms and households. In addition, it presents macro-economic simulations that consider the potential of renewable energy. Lastly, based on these comprehensive assessments, it compares the effectiveness of measures to prevent climate change in Japan and Western countries. Providing valuable insights, this book will appeal to both academic researchers and policymakers seeking cost-effective measures against climate change.


Natural Resource And Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Economics And Management, Fossil Fuels (incl. Carbon Capture), Natural Resources, Environmental Economics, Fossil Fuel, Solid Earth Sciences, Open Access, Carbon Pricing, Emission Trading Scheme, Climate Policy, Paris Agreement, Carbon Tax, Carbon Policy In Japan, Environmental Economics, Energy Technology & Engineering, Energy Industries & Utilities, Fossil Fuel Technologies, Environmental Management,

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