The Future of the UK

Wind Power Industry


The UK wind power installed capacity is expected to rise from 20 GW to 40GW in the next few decades with an estimated initial capital cost of £120 billion and with an operation and maintenance (O&M) industry worth of £2 billion per year by 2025. The UK has the largest offshore wind resource in Europe, which is estimated to be a third of the total European offshore wind resource. As of May 2018, there were 36 offshore wind energy operational power stations representing 7GW of installed capacity in the UK alone. Many of these power stations use high voltage AC (HVAC) technology to transmit the energy from offshore to main land. However, many future offshore wind farms will be very far from mainland, as an example, Dogger Bank, contemplated for UK Round 3, is located 125-290 km from the UK shore. Traditional AC transmission systems would be uneconomical and practically unfeasible at this distance; requiring deployment of high voltage DC (HVDC) transmission technology for such projects.