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Gabriel's Inferno

Sylvain Reynard

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Why not think that sometimes—just sometimes—you can overcome evil with silence? And let people hear their hatefulness in their own ears, without distraction. Maybe goodness is enough to expose evil for what it really is, sometimes.”

“Kindness is never wasted.”

“Sometimes goodness doesn't tell everything it knows. Sometimes goodness waits for the appropriate time and does the best it can with what it has.”

“Look at me. Look into my eyes." His eyes fixed on hers as they fluttered open. "I'll give you anything. My body, my soul, Take them. Take everything.”

“I’ve always had a terrible weakness for beautiful but sad things.”

“You, of all people, deserve a happy ending. Despite everything that happened to you, you aren't bitter. You aren't cold. You've just retreated a little and been shy, and that's okay. If I were a fairy godmother, I would give you your heart's desire in an istant. And I would wipe away your tears and tell you not to cry. -Rachel to Julia”

“If I have a soul, it's yours.”

“When I am an old man and I can remember nothing else, I will remember this moment. The first time my eyes beheld an angel in the flesh. “I will remember your body and your eyes, your beautiful face and breasts, your curves and this.” He traced his hand around her navel before dragging it lightly to the top of her lower curls. “I will remember your scent and your touch and how it felt to love you. But most of all, I will remember how it felt to gaze at true beauty, both inside and out. For you are fair, my beloved, in soul and in body, generous of spirit and generous of heart. And I will never see anything this side of heaven more beautiful tham you”

“I want you forever, not just for tonight.”

“Ever had a beer before?" Gabriel grinned. She shook her head. "Then I'm glad I'm your first.""Have you ever held a boy's hand before?" She shook her head, and he laughed softly. "Then I'm glad I'm your first." "Have you ever been kissed by a boy?" She blushed deeply and shook her head. "Then I'm glad I'm your first." "Have you ever fallen asleep in the arms of a boy before, Beatrice?" She shook her head. "Then I'm glad I'm your first." "I haven't really danced like this before," she said wistfully. "Then I'm glad I'm your first." "Has a man ever asked you to marry him before?" She shook her head, covering her mouth with her hand. "Then I'm glad I'm your first.”

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