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Listening for Lions

Gloria Whelan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“They were all brilliant. They wrote books and painted pictures, and if they ever stopped talking, which I was sure they would never do, they planned to change the world.”

“I looked forward to making friends at school, but I had come late and friendships had already been formed. I couldn’t find my way into their world. They seemed to have a secret code I couldn’t decipher.”

“With a mind as bright as yours you will want to find a proper school to continue your education. ..... You must continue the education your mother began. Young women must have an education.”

“Even our recreation was scheduled. There was no time to look for birds or wander into the nearby woods. We were put into teams and sent into violent pursuit of a helpless ball.”

“If you love books, I will give you some to take with you, and one day I will introduce you to the writers of the books.”

“If I know my Rachel, she will do what she wants to do. And perhaps that is the best.”

“Ngigi did not seem in the least surprised to find I was a doctor, and I remembered that there were women witch doctor as well as men. At least here I would have no battle to fight.”

“I told them how our nurses and Father's assistant were africans. "They don't boil missionaries," I told them, my face red with anger. "They save lives and they are a whole lot smarter than the stupid, silly girls who drew that pictures.”

“However far you go from here, you must carry me with you in your heart. If you are lonely, you must know that every hour I will be thinking of you. If you are among evil people, you must be like the lion, gathering your strength and awaiting your time. That time will come, and when it comes, you will come back to us.”

“He saw my confusion and led me a slow, stately march to the library. There were shelves all the way around the room, and every shelf was crowed with books. I had not thought so many books existed.[...] There was a desk, several big leather chairs, a wooden floor covered with faded rugs, and in front of the fireplace a sofa with soft pillows. The shelves stopped several feet short of the ceiling, leaving room for a row of busts of what I imagined must be famous gentlemen. Lamps cast little pools light in the room, and the sound and smell of the fire reminded me of the fires the Kikuyu would make outside theirs huts when they roasted goats.”

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