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Vampire Kisses

Ellen Schreiber

Top 10 Best Quotes

“He looked so lost, so soulful, so lonely. I wanted him to kiss me now. I wanted to let him know I was his for all eternity.”

“Raven?' Yes?' What do you believe in?' I believe in - finding out!”

“Every time the phone rang, my heart jumped. Was it Alexander? And when it wasn't him my heart would break into a million pieces. It had been two longs days since I had seen my Gothic mate. I was so preoccupied with Alexander, dreaming of the next time we'd be together, nothing else mattered. I didn't wash the spot where his tender love lips had pressed against my flesh. I was acting like I was straight out of a Gidget movie! What had happened to me? I was losing my edge! For the first time in my life I was really afraid. Afraid of never seeing him again and afraid of being rejected.”

“I want a relationship I can finally sink my teeth into." -Alexander Sterling”

“Raven! What are you doing up so late? You have school tomorrow!"..."But I thought it was just the one time?”

“Call school, tell them I'm lovesick.”

“I'm going to a dance." With Becky?" No, with Alexander." Who's Alexander?" The love of my life!”

“You seem a lot like me," he said. "You don't gawk at me like I'm a freak." "I'll kick anyone who does." "I think you already did. Or at least smacked him with a tennis racket." -Alexander and Raven, Vampire Kisses, Pg.127, The Beginning”

“Go in and get us a shrunken head!”

“(Raven) "Makes me think of werewolves. Do you think a man can change into an animal?" (Alexander) "If he's with the right girl.”

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