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Jamie McGuire

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Time will make it worse! You're...the other half of his soul. He's never going to get over you. And no matter how much you hope that you will... you'll never get over him. You're going to wake up one day and realize what you've done, and you're going to regret the time you wasted apart from him for the rest of your life.”

“I'm going to kiss you now, and I don't know if I'll ever stop.”

“If you think I'm happy when you're not around, it's because I'm thinking of you.”

“Don’t interrupt my anxiety attack. It’s rude.”

“I wasn't sure what I'd done to deserve such a wonderful gift, and I wasn't sure if it was insolent, but I thanked God for fallen angels.”

“I exist for you. And I live for you. And I live to love you.”

“I could step aside, Nina. I could step aside and let you be with who you're supposed to be with. If I was any less selfish... I would. But even after all of my stupid mistakes, I still think I can make you happy.'' ''If it's what you want, I'll step aside'', he shook his head, ''but if it's not... I'll fight fate. I'll fight Heaven, and Hell, and everything in between to keep you.”

“Jared cupped my jaw and his thumb brushed my cheek. ''As long as you heart is beating, so is mine”

“You’re my perfection. I’m all of those things for you,”

“That's because you've kissed boys, sweetheart.”

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