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The Winner's Crime

Marie Rutkoski

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She turned to look at him, and he was already looking at her. “I’m going to miss you when I wake up,” she whispered, because she realized that she must have fallen asleep under the sun. Arin was too real for her imagination. He was a dream. “Don’t wake up,” he said.”

“Sometimes you think you want something,” Arin told him, “when in reality you need to let it go.”

“Marry him,” Arin said, “but be mine in secret.”

“I don’t mind being a moth. I would probably start eating silk if it meant that I could fly.”

“There was dishonor, she decided, in accepting someone else’s idea of honor without question.”

“An emotion clamped down on her heart. It squeezed her into a terrible silence. But he said nothing after that, only her name, as if her name were not a name but a question. Or perhaps that it wasn’t how he had said it, and she was wrong, and she’d heard a question simply because the sound of him speaking her name made her wish that she were his answer.”

“He did not want her to know. He did not want her to see. But: Look at me, he found himself thinking furiously at her. Look at me. She lifted her eyes, and did.”

“She’d felt it before, she felt it now: the pull to fall in with him, to fall into him, to lose her sense of self.”

“His dear face, dear to her, dearer still. how could she love his face more for its damage? What kind of person saw someone's suffering and felt her heart crack open even wider, even more sweetly than before? There was something wrong with her. It was wrong to want to touch a scar and call it beautiful.”

“Her fierce creature of a mind: sleek and sharp-clawed and utterly unwilling to be caught.”

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