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Kristen Ashley

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Wars fought over a face like this,” he murmured like he was talking to himself, my heart stopped beating and his thumbs moved lightly across my cheeks. “A man would work himself into the ground for it, go down to his knees to beg to keep it, endure torture to protect it, take a bullet for it,” his eyes came to mine, “poison his brother to possess a face like this.”

“Men understand direct communication. It's bitches who speak in code.”

“And I wake up happy, baby, because I possess beauty and I own that beauty in all the forms it can take and the least important of those are physical.”

“Honey, the candles are gonna burn out," I prompted on a grin. "Let 'em," he replied. "Got nothin' I want. Everything I want is standing right in front of me.”

“You love me?” “Baby, you were made for me.”

“You got a girl who’s worth it … you spoil her rotten. You let her know she’s precious, not convince her of that shit, because it’s not about convincing. It’s about understanding it’s just fuckin’ true.”

“You’re perfect, baby.” I blinked. Then I whispered, “Knight – “ “No, Anya, no fucked up shit outta that sweet mouth. I’m not gonna listen to it and I’ll work my balls off, I don’t care if it takes decades, to make you stop even thinkin’ it. Instead, you gotta know that every second I spend with you it becomes more and more clear that you were made for me. A gift I don’t deserve, didn’t earn but I’m not giving it back.”

“Um, I don’t know your name but -” “Knight,” “Right, Mr. Knight-” “No, Knight.” “That’s what I said, Knight. Now, Mr. Knight-” “No, not Mr. Knight. Knight. My name is Knight.” “Your Christian name is Knight?” “If that means first name, yeah.” “With a ‘K’?” “Yeah, babe, with a ‘K’.” “That’s an unusual name.” “Yeah.” “I kind of like it.” “I can die happy.”

“You don't need to like me to let me fuck you but since I like you, I'd prefer it that way.”

“You can’t cushion me from the entire world, Knight.” “I can try.”

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