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The Writing Class

Jincy Willett

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Nothing was truly unbearable if you had something to read.”

“Just start the sentence...and see what happens. This is how we write.”

“...(W)here there's drama, there's crap.”

“Arithmetic is the death of story.”

“(D)ialogue is generally the worst choice for exposition. 'When you're writing need to focus on the way people actually talk. And when we talk to each other we never actually explain our terms. We don't say 'Sweetheart, would you pass me the sugar bowl, which we picked up for a song at that antique stall in Munich.”

“(N)ot writing was hard work, almost as hard as writing.”

“(T)here are worse things than falling on your face right out of college...Like instant, unearned success. Like getting your first novel accepted by the first publisher you send it to. Like getting your first rejection slip at the age of thirty-five.”

“That's the hard work of writing. The imagining.”

“All plots are cliche.”

“(T)hey were at ease with each other, which was essential to a productive workshop.”

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