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Dead of Winter

Kresley Cole

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Mortal, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years, it’s this: lies are curses you place on yourself.”

“I take no actions that I wouldn’t publicly recount. If you can’t speak your deeds, then don’t do them.”

“Aww, did I just become the most popular person in this tent?”

“You want this?' I raised my gaze, gasping at the dark hunger in his expression. My mind blanked. Want his body? How could I not? He was pure temptation. 'I meant this,' he held up my bag, 'but I could easily be persuaded to share anything else my wife might desire.”

“I know that look.” Jack shook his head ruefully. “Doan worry; she’ll give you your balls back as soon as she’s done getting her way.”

“By all the gods, I desire you, but you must know that you have my love. It's given, sieva. Wholly entrusted to you. Have a care with it.”

“Your mortal's storming the slaver den." Aric's tone was half-amused, half-approving. "I'm hereby inviting myself on his incursion.”

“When he was this close to me, I could feel his palpable yearning. I could sense that gut-wrenching loneliness he'd suffered.”

“You once told me I was so good at this game because it's all I'll ever have.' The sadness in his voice had drawn me up short. 'Your words were true, though I didn't wish them to be. Not then. Or now.' I'd heard Aric enraged, playful, fierce, in pain, and in lust. I'd never heard this soft sadness before.”

“Obviously, you don't know this, Empress, but you ride with the very one who killed you in the last game! He's played you false!" "Nope, I knew. He decapitated me. Blah.”

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