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She Who Became the Sun

Shelley Parker-Chan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Destroying what someone else cherished never brought back what you yourself had lost. All it did was spread grief like a contagion.”

“However tired I am, however hard it is: I know I can keep going, because I’m alive.”

“What someone is means nothing about what kind of person they are. Truth is in actions.”

“Denying desire only made yourself vulnerable to those who were smart enough to see what you couldn't even acknowledge to yourself.”

“The greater the desire, the greater the suffering, and now she desired greatness itself.”

“He had done what he had to do, and in doing so he had destroyed the world.”

“She didn't just want greatness. She wanted the world.”

“If you want a fate other than what Heaven gave you, you have to want that other fate. You have to struggle for it. Suffer for it.”

“She saw someone who seemed neither male nor female, but another substance entirely: something wholly and powerfully of its own kind. The promise of difference, made real.”

“Learn to want something for yourself, Ma Xiuying. Not what someone says you should want. Not what you think you should want. Don’t go through life thinking only of duty. When all we have are these brief spans between our nonexistences, why not make the most of the life you’re living now? The price is worth it.”

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Book Keywords:

grief, suffering, fate, destiny, choosing-your-path

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