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To Win Her Heart

Karen Witemeyer

Top 10 Best Quotes

“. . . if you can't see the good man he is, you need to unscrew them eyeballs of yours and try on a different pair.”

“It was like skimming through a novel without fully engaging with the story until a well-turned phrase or powerful bit of imagery snagged her attention, hinting at depths previously unnoticed.”

“Loving this woman was either going to kill him or make his life richer than he’d ever imagined.”

“I think you made your opinion clear already. Go home, Eden. And don’t worry. I won’t bother you anymore.” He unlaced his arms and turned away to pick up a new log. “But I want you to bother me!”

“And therein lay the crux of her problem. She didn’t trust God to direct her steps. When trouble loomed, she altered her course, convincing herself she was displaying wisdom and the courage of her convictions. Yet in actuality, she was surrendering to fear, letting it control her in place of the Lord’s hand”

“All this time she’d thought it God’s will that she be a spinster. She had grown content with that expectation, taking satisfaction in the wisdom she’d gained through her experience with Stephen. No man would dupe her again. But what if living alone was never part of God’s plan for her? What if she chose that life because it was safe—because she was afraid?”

“Oh, Levi. How glorious! Look at all the bluebonnets. Have you ever seen anything more stunning?” “Only you.”

“Levi's gaze sought out Miss Spencer. Eden. All she had to do was smile to release those little frissons of lightning in him. As that thought crossed his mind, she glanced up, and Levi realized he was wrong. She didn't have to smile. All she had to do was look at him. Heaven help him. He was in bad.”

“Eden,” he said, staring at their joined hands. “I built the arch to reveal my heart. Your name will forever be the focal point, uplifted by love. And if you would permit me, I’d like to build more with you—a family and a life.” Levi raised his gaze to her face, surprised to see wetness glistening on her cheeks. “Eden, will you marry me?”

“Who would have thought a fine lady like Eden Spencer would ever look twice at a coarse ironmonger like him? Yet even now with his face a patchwork of green, yellow, and deep purple, her beautiful mossy eyes glowed with an inner light that exuded love. For him. A convicted felon. A man with neither wealth nor reputation. A man who couldn’t even properly enunciate her entire name. A man who returned her love a hundredfold.”

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