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Undying Affinity

Sara Naveed

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There is nothing right or wrong in love. Where there is love, then there is nothing but only love.”

“One day you will realize the worth of what you're losing today.”

“What kept you distant from me?” she asked. By now, she had regained enough confidence to start a discussion. “Fear,” he replied. “What kind of fear?” “Fear of facing people’s objections. Fear of putting both of our lives at risk. Fear of exploiting your reputation and mine as well. Fear of beginning a new relationship with you when everybody already knows I am a mentor to you. Fear of…losing you and never having you again in my life.” He struggled with words while speaking the last line. “I love you Ahmar and I would not leave you. Ever.”

“Don’t you ever cry again, Miss Zarish,” he said in a strict but mild tone. “I would rather die than see tears in your eyes.”

“Your eyes…," she whispered, as her lips were too close to him. "What about them?" He tightened his jaw muscles. "They're intoxicating." He flipped his eyelids continuously, feeling embarrassed.”

“Everything is a part of destiny’s plan and I believe true love awaits its destiny.”

“Why did you leave my hand? I’ve never felt so good, she thought. I felt good too, he thought.”

“Once a sarriyal, always a sarriyal, she thought.”

“Never judge a situation merely with a negative perspective. Look at the positive side too,” he added. “And if you do that, you will eventually feel better.”

“I don’t want to let you go. Not now. Not ever.” While she said this, tears streamed out of her eyes. “I’m here with you. Always,” he murmured softly against her hair. “I love you, Ahmar. I love you so much,” she whispered.”

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