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Shut Your Eyes Tight

John Verdon

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The stories people tell you about themselves seem to retain the possibility of being false. But what you discover about them by yourself seems to be the truth.”

“This case is complex. It's got layers to it, Davey. It's a fucking onion... You're a natural-born onion peeler -- the best that ever was.”

“A shrink once told me that an expectation is a resentment waiting to be born.”

“...but grief, he'd discovered, was not an experience you went through once and then 'moved on' (as the idiotic popular phrase would have it). The truth was that it came over you in successive waves - waves separated by periods of numbness, periods of forgetfulness, periods of ordinary living.”

“They looked like linebackers on a prison football team, whose idea of commincation was to smash into something at full speed, preferably another person.”

“Sexual energy in general has tremendous power, the power to concentrate one's attention like nothing else, to become the sole reality, to warp judgement, to obliterate pain and the perception of risk. The power to make all other considerations irrelevant. There is no force on earth that comes close to it in its power to blind and drive the individual in its grip.”

“Whatever it was that had drawn him to police work, that had wed him to the job for so many years, it surely wasn't the appeal of a gun or the deceptively simple solution it offers.”

“Still later, perhaps to keep a flood of worries at bay, she read a chapter of Moby-Dick aloud to him—both pleased and perplexed by what she continued to refer to as “the most peculiar book I’ve ever read.”

“He was actually quite fond of discrepancies because his experience told him that they eventually provided a window into the truth.”

“A shrink once told me that an exception is a resentment waiting to be born.”

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