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100 Days of Sunlight

Abbie Emmons

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Weston is everything And all at once. Weston is gentle And harsh. Weston can be blindingly bright But then he can also be Delicately soft. Weston is a paradox.”

“Besides, no one has ever seen the light by being told there are darker places out there.”

“This is when I usually crack a lame joke, like, “Yeah, sorry, I left my real legs at home.”

“The hard thing to do and the right thing to do are usually the same.”

“I am drowning again. But this time I don’t need help. I don’t need a rescue. Because I am drowning in perfect beauty. I am drowning in reckless joy. I’ve fallen out of the tree. And now, I fly.”

“I love you and your broken wings.”

“Visual beauty is only one form of beauty.”

“And, actually, I was feeling pretty good at the time. My brothers were like individual rays of sunshine that had come crashing into my room to drive out the fragments of Despair. For a few minutes, everything was golden. And everything was okay.”

“Letting go feels like giving up. But if you don’t let go, you’ll drown. I know the feeling. And it sucks. But Life sucks sometimes. And yeah, it gets back up. But you don’t have to stay on your knees.”

“Well?' he asks when I don’t open my eyes and silently savor the goodness. 'What do you taste?' I smile despite myself. 'The most amazing waffles under the sun.”

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