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Lauren Kate

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I want you to know that I would do it all again. I will choose you every time.”

“Mortality is the most romantic story ever told. Just one chance to do everything you should. Then, magically, you move on.”

“Heartbreak is its own form of amnesia.”

“Then the angels, the demon, and the Nephilim flew to distant corners of the sky, leaving a moment's brilliant flash of light behind them, as below, Luce and Daniel fell in love for the first-and the last- time”

“Inspiration is an excuse for doing something you already want to do.”

“The past is important for all the information and wisdom it holds. But you can get lost in it. You've got to learn to keep the knowledge of the past with you as you pursue the present.”

“You must remember how to dream what you already know.”

“You are the soul that fits into mine”

“Of all the pairs the Throne endorsed None rose to burn as bright As Lucifer, the Morning Star, And Lucinda, his Evening Light”

“Grief can choke you. It’s dangerous, something else you have to beat.”

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