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For the Wolf

Hannah F. Whitten

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Sometimes you don't mourn people so much as you mourn who they could've been.”

“People with power resent losing it, and too much power for too long a time can make a villain of anyone.”

“The warm familiarity of the bookshelves kept her together, knit her back into herself as she wandered between them.”

“I want the roots…I understand what it means, and I want them anyway, because I am for the Wolf, and the Wolves are for the Wilderwood.”

“A forest in your bones, a graveyard beneath your feet. There are no heroes here.”

“Grief was like gravel in her slipper, and she felt it more when she was standing still.”

“Red spent the time mostly in her room, surrounded by her books, letting the familiar passages be an escape. She was good at escaping.”

“She went to grab her scarlet cloak before remembering it was still in Valleyda. One shaky sigh, that she’d left it there, but a marriage was more than a cloak. As for the other reasons she’d kept it—the claiming of who she was, what she was—she didn’t need a cloak for that anymore, either. She knew it in her bones, she wore it in her eyes instead of on her shoulders.”

“People created stories to fill the gaps they didn’t understand, and religion grew up around it like rot on a fallen tree.”

“Again, that sense of untetheredness, of unreality, of not being sure what to do or how to move. Books. The thought was a beacon, something to cling to. I brought books.”

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Book Keywords:

grief, reading, death, mourning, life, books, anxiety

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