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The Address Of Happiness

David Paul Kirkpatrick

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Love is the reason why, even in suffering, we smile.”

“Tears are another river that takes us home. We become alive with tears. There isn’t a chance to return to sleep when we are weeping.”

“Heroes do not dwell in a time of peace; heroes are hardened in a kiln against the sorrows. Their troubles sharpen the blade and make it gleaming. The glint becomes a brightness that is raised high on a hill, allowing women and men to see beyond themselves. For light swallows darkness. Truth buries death. Heroes are not born. They are filled by Music.”

“Love is the reason why, in confusion, we understand.”

“We love against the night, burning like stars against the darkness of bread and circuses.”

“They learned to live contently with small things, to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion, to be worthy not respectable, and to be rich not wealthy. They let the sacred and unconscious bloom amidst the common, rendering it all extraordinary.”

“The marriage bond is more than a civil contract. It is a reward for loving well.”

“The happiness in our hearts is there for we dare to dream in light when the world tells us to scream in the darkness.”

“Somehow, the days of summer with their glimmering enchantment of dancing ladybugs and sailing clouds had faded into grey. Maddie’s heart had somehow faded with it.”

“He tossed a word like a ball, never letting it fall. Instead it swam in the air, without care, strung together with an art that came straight from his heart.”

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