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Shanghai Nobody

Vann Chow

Top 10 Best Quotes

“If this constant bitter disappointment was love, then I was perfectly fine not to have anything to do with it.”

“She doesn't need your money. Even a penniless fool like you can make her fall in love with you. That's just miracle.”

“Understandably she had a lot of suitors, just like any other girls in China with two arms and legs.”

“Understand that I am even ignored by the opposite sex on the internet.”

“Guess I am going to take a man-nap. Wake me up when there is food.”

“While I still did not know what self- actualization that sat on the top level of the pyramid meant, I could believe that if I knew I would be able to say something positive about it as well in my life.”

“It was lonely to be so perfect in all respects.”

“I barely took a moment to appreciate nature. Come to think of it, the only time I did it was when I was so upset I wanted to commit suicide in the Huang Pu river.”

“He advised that I could invest in stocks to make money. Given that I have a negative balance, that was where the conversation stopped.”

“And now that I have been scammed once, I felt like it could not happen to me again.”

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