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Patrick White

Top 10 Best Quotes

“To understand the stars would spoil their appearance.”

“If truth is not acceptable, it becomes the imagination of others.”

“To make yourself, it is also necessary to destroy yourself.”

“She would have liked to sit upon a rock and listen to words, not of any man, but detached, mysterious, poetic words that she alone would interpret through some sense inherited from sleep.”

“The map? I will first make it.”

“Human relationships are vast as deserts: they demand all daring, she seemed to suggest. ”

“I am compelled into this country.”

“His legend will be written down, eventually, by those who are troubled by it.”

“To kiss and to kill are similar words to eyes that focus with difficulty.”

“He himself, he realized, had always been most abominably frightened, even at the height of his divine power, a frail god upon a rickety throne, afraid of opening letters, of making decisions, afraid of the instinctive knowledge in the eyes of mules, of the innocent eyes of good men, of the elastic nature of the passions, even of the devotion he had received from some men, and one woman, and dogs.”

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