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A Widow's Awakening

Maryanne Pope

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Don’t let anyone tell you how long it will take for you to heal—but be aware that time is passing, whether you’re healing or not.”

“But I don’t WANT it to get easier! I don’t want to get over him!”

“Sometimes the busier we allow ourselves to be, the more anxious and upset we are when alone again.”

“Do not lie to yourself about the fact of death, choosing instead to become consumed by the psychological reaction to it—what we call grief.”

“Respect isn’t granted,’ Sam had repeatedly reminded me, ‘it must be earned.”

“Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. There are no shortcuts.”

“Maybe that’s what happens with soul mates: when one side of the coin loses its shine, so too does the other.”

“Love can be neither created or destroyed, it just changes form.”

“I’ve learned more about love, loss and life in the last two months than I did in thirty-two years.”

“I’ll stick around for seven months,’ I tell him, ‘but after that I’m not making any promises.”

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