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The Gone World

Tom Sweterlitsch

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There is no design. The universe isn’t kind or cruel. The universe is vast and indifferent to our desires.”

“The totality of human endeavour is nothing when set against the stars.”

“Nothing blinks out, nothing ends. Everything exists, always exists. Life is but a dream, Shannon. Self is the only illusion.”

“It used to be thought that hell was a lack of God, but hell is a lack of death.”

“Lambs are sacrificed but rats survive.”

“She was a ghost, haunting her own potential.”

“trick of the QTNs, she thought. It was repugnant, this absurdity. They’re inside me, making me see these things—Panic lurched within her at the thought of QTNs accumulating in her cells, her brain—but even so she realized this was no hallucination, that the crucified woman was real, as real as she was, as real as the river and the ice and trees. She thought to cut the woman down but was horrified to touch her. Her meter changed from green”

“Life is greater than time.”

“The totality of human endeavor is nothing when set against the stars.”

“Naglfar—a ship constructed from the fingernails of the dead, sails the end of the world to wage war against the gods.”

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