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Faith & Fidelity

Tere Michaels

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You curse a lot." "Fuck you - I hardly curse at all.”

“Got any mood music?” “If you press Play on the stereo you’re going to hear Miley Cyrus.” “I don’t know who that is.” “Count your blessings.”

“New but…good,” Evan said, shaking his head. “A good thing.” Helena caught the look that passed between the two men and it was beautiful…the only word she could think of was beautiful. It was love and lust and such a tender expression of care she wondered if they had any clue how lovely it was to see...”

“You become a cop and they teach you about protecting people and keeping them safe. But they don’t tell you how it rips your heart out when you realize you can’t do it. You can’t save everybody.”

“Words just confused things -- when they held each other like this, it made so much more sense.”

“Tell me to stop,” Matt whispered. “Last chance.”

“What? Do I look stupid? A molecule of chicken? Eat some fucking food please. Thank you." "You curse a lot." "Fuck you-I hardly curse at all.”

“he'd been a cop long enough to know what actual perversion looked like and it sure wasn't two guys or two women going out to dinner and holding hands.”

“I wish to God I had an answer for you right now. All I know is that…I’m not turning this car around. I’m going home with you…and we’ll see what happens from there.”

“I love your kids." "Make me an offer." "Yeah, no. I'll just visit in their natural habitat.”

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