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The Crown of Embers

Rae Carson

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I love you the way a drowning man loves air. And it would destroy me to have you just a little.”

“A quarterstaff is not very subtle. Or handy. If an kidnapper comes at me, what am I supposed to do? Say, 'Excuse me, my lord, while I pull my enormous quarterstaff out of my bodice?”

“Given a choice between my life and yours, I will choose mine. Every time. Without hesitation.”

“Yes, I love him. Enough to follow him anywhere.”

“You made me cut and dye my hair.” Surely he understands that we face greater problems? “I thought it would greatly improve your looks,” I snap. “Shorn hair is a sign of shame. You humiliate me greatly.” “I’ll light a candle tonight in honor of your dead tresses.”

“I lie awake for a long time, wondering which would be more foolish, to prepare for something that may never happen, or not to prepare for something that might.”

“If I were an enemy, and I started bearing down on you like this," he draws his sword, stretches the tip towards me, takes a single step in my direction, "what would you do?" Possibilities race through my head. Should I look for a weapon? Dodge and come up behind his guard? Trip him? Insult his mother?”

“No, no." I motion vaguely. "Relax. Don't look so... guardlike." They drop formation at once, glancing at one another shamefaced. Hector draped an arm around my shoulder as if we were out for a companionable stroll. He leans down and says, "So. Horrible heat we've been having lately.”

“Mara hurries over and takes my hands. "Er, congratulations on your pending nuptials?" I whisper, "He'll be so angry when he learns I have engaged us without his knowledge.”

“The fifth place is for Hector.”

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