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The Dermis Probe

Idries Shah

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Do not tell your secrets to everyone in this headquarters, Earth. We have surveyed it well. There was nobody to whom to entrust secrets.”

“Patience is a garment which has never worn out.”

“One lie will keep out forty truths.”

“Death If he is a good man, death will be a release; If he is a bad one, it will release others from him.”

“A loan is the scissors of friendship. A man's own tongue may cut his throat. The cage has no value without the bird.”

“Show a man too many camels' bones,or show them to him too often,and he will not be able to recognize a camel when he comes across a live one.”

“Sandals. The Sufi teacher Ghulam-Shah was asked what pattern he used in formulating his courses for disciples. He said: 'Barefoot until you can get sandals, sandals until you can manage boots.”

“Opportunity's precious, and time is a sword.”

“Learning without action is like wax without honey. (Anwar-i-Suhaili)”

“If you are penniless you will have a thousand dreams. Get even a single piece of money, however, and you will have only twenty options.”

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