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Of Beast and Beauty

Stacey Jay

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Beauty is wherever you find it, and Beast is there when you need to defend it.”

“And what good is a voice when so few will listen?”

“To be cold and incapable of pity is one thing; to have compassion and use it only when it's convenient is nothing less than evil.”

“I am her monster, and she is mine.”

“I will show her that loving her is my greatest truth, and the most beautiful thing I have ever known. ” — Gem”

“But maybe that isn't possible. Maybe the mind of the majority is always the healthy mind, simply by virtue of its numbers. Maybe it's the definition of madness to believe I'm right and everyone else if wrong, to find my thoughts rational and reasonable when almost the entire world finds them damaged and flawed.”

“Its pointless. Hopeless. Even if she weren't afraid of me, we'll always be enemies at the core. She rules a wicked, selfish city, and my tribe suffers for her peoples comfort. Shes a queen; I'm her prisoner. I resent her and she fears me, and there are times when I fear her, too. I am her monster, and she is mine. But right now none of it matters.”

“His love, his faith in me, his belief that I can be as strong and brave as he is...The way he makes me feel and think and try harder than I've ever tried...All of it, all of him, is better than anything else.”

“A part of me is eager to be back in my cell. At least there Isra cant cling to my arm, or brush her body against mine, or sigh through her parted lips, or tilt her face up with that look in her eyes. The one that make me want to strangle her. And kiss her. And strangle her some more. And maybe leap off a cliff after the strangling is done.”

“And for a moment she is my Isra, and nothing is impossible.”

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