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The Nest

Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney

Top 10 Best Quotes

“She was so much better at being alone; being alone came more naturally to her. She led a life of deliberate solitude, and if occasional loneliness crept in, she knew how to work her way out of that particular divot. Or even better, how to sink in and absorb its particular comforts.”

“She supposed she could Google, but she preferred to wonder.”

“Parents are temporary custodians, keeping watch and offering love and trying to leave the child better than they found him.”

“She believed in second chances, sometimes more than first chances, which were wasted on youth and indiscretion.”

“Everyone’s always on the hunt for a mirror. It’s basic psychology. You want to see yourself reflected in others. Others—your sister, your parents—they want to look at you and see themselves. They want you to be a flattering reflection of them—and vice-versa. It’s normal. I suppose it’s really normal if you’re a twin. But being somebody else’s mirror? That is not your job.” Nora”

“This was the part she hated, the part of a relationship that always nudged her to bail, the part where someone else’s misery or expectations or neediness crept into her carefully prescribed world. It was such a burden, other people’s lives.”

“She was open to love, but she was best at managing her own happiness; it was other people’s happiness that sunk her.”

“People abandoned one another constantly without performing the courtesy of of actually disappearing. They left, but didn't, lurking about, a constant reminder of what could or should have been.”

“True patriotism, Jack believed, would have been for his fellow Americans to look inward after 9/11 and accept a little blame, admit the attacks had happened, in part, because of who they were in the world, not in spite of it.”

“Right now, it felt like there was nowhere for his thoughts to alight that wasn't rife with land mines of regret or anger or guilt.”

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9-11, abandonment, anger, family, reminders, disappointment, patriotism, guilt, disappearing

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