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Crystal Storm

Morgan Rhodes

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When on the very edge of death, matters such as fortune and legacy are meaningless in the face of knowing that someone who cares for you will hold your hand as you slip away.”

“A woman can always strive to be stronger in the face of painful emotions.”

“It’s when we feel the most uncertain,” her mother had told her, “that we must appear at our most confident. To show weakness is to allow others to prey upon it. Now brush your hair, lift your chin, and pretend you are the most powerful person in the room.”

“The fire that hollows us out is what allows us to be filled with strength and power where before there was none.”

“This is how it's meant to be. It shows that everything that exists must one day change - but what is destroyed can be created again with patience and dedication.”

“I believe in magic. In evil sorceresses who deep down are really beautiful princesses. I believe in immortals who live in a different world than this one, accessible by magical stone wheels.”

“Violence is not the answer to violence.”

“Choices, princess. Life seems to be all about them.”

“Wine never helps one forget their worries for long.”

“Sometimes it doesn't take years to know someone. A handful of conversations can be more than enough to know someone's heart.”

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