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Cursed Bunny

bora chung

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Once you experience a terrible trauma and understand the world from an extreme perspective, it is difficult to overcome this perspective. Because your very survival depends on it.”

“… If I could make a wish I want to be just a little happier If I become too happy I will miss sadness”

“For some people, their lives are ruled by one shocking event reverberating through their survival instincts. Life shrinks into a trap made up of a shimmering moment in the past, a trap where they endlessly repeat that singular moment when they were surest of being alive. That moment is short, but long after it has passed, good times as well as bad slip like sand through their fingers as they meaninglessly repeat and confirm their survival.”

“I could finally understand the horrific and cruel clarity of what he considered to be meaningful. The desperation and immense fear that your life, as well as the future to come, hinged on a moment.”

“Life is a series of problems. Especially when one is married and has a family. Because even when you manage to avoid the problem of the outside world and return home safely, your family is there waiting with a whole different set of problems of their own.”

“But there I remained, standing in the bathroom, waiting for someone to miraculously find me, to release me from my ties to this life.”

“Had some giant trapped inside the cave of the night sky struck their chains against some unimaginably large wall to create the stars? Had they done it as a cry for help? Or to endure, somehow, the emptiness and the darkness?”

“Every person has only one childhood, and instead of being full of hopes or dreams, his had been crushed by the fight for survival. He never once imagined in all his years spent in the cave that a different childhood from the one that had been accorded to him might have been possible.”

“Capitalism is nothing before the forces of love and passion!”

“The wife swiftly gathered her daughter in her arms. She shook off her son, who was still clinging to his sister's leg trying to drink her blood, and made a dash for the door. She was blocked by her husband. He needed his daughter's body if he were to get more blood from his son's. He couldn't let her leave with the source of his gold.”

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