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To Evince the Blue

Munia Khan

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Every morning before the birds start trilling me their stories, I give birth to a new love through my same old heart when a lake’s placidity finds life in the swans breath Only for you... From the poem 'Only For You”

“Night after night on starry wings Night lovers soared so high Miles apart, across the oceans Their love forgot to sigh In heavenly flight’s timelessness That highest height treasured Into the deepest of all blues Their depth of love measured. From the poem 'The Ballad of Night Lovers”

“Two gentle hearts live together One is yours and another one is also yours Yes! I have given you mine For this reason, sometimes I may seem heartless From the poem: Arithmetic”

“I’ve reached the vanishing point without you. Here my heartache begins with your pain trying to find an unborn start in this fatal disappearance From the poem ‘Me with the Vanishing Point”

“It’s my broken sore mending the unbreakable A deep shaken hollow from the unshakeable”

“I left smiles on your wordless lips The night roads- dismal and narrow, dream’s path remains shadowy wide as our lone hearts felt that arrow From the Poem 'My Tomorrow”

“I dropped by your yesterday where I found my tomorrow There I met a living pain and you: a dying sorrow From the poem- My Tomorrow”

“When the dancing breeze around the night guarding the hooting owl’s emotion, I treasure my longing in the melted silence of our spiritual devotion forever glared (even in the dark) Only for you From the poem- Only for You”

“Death is buried there into death Hunger strikes on its own last breath No spine to shiver, no heart talks At life’s craving poverty mocks From the poem 'Exhumation”

“They click their minds together to log into their soul’s account. But alas! “Hearts in error. Access denied”- it says From the poem: Cyberly”

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