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Etched in Bone

Anne Bishop

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Vlad stared at Simon. "Meg told the Elders they were..." "Bad puppies," Simon finished. "Yeah." A minute passed before Vlad said, "Why?" "They didn't say 'please' when they asked for cookies." "I don't know what to say." Simon scratched behind an ear that was now Wolf-shaped and furry. "That's okay. Meg said plenty for all of us.”

“The map showed human places I'd never heard of - places that had once been great civilizations, until humans forgot the world wasn't theirs to claim.”

“He put his arms around her and brushed his lips against hers once, twice. Then his mouth settled over hers and lingered. As he eased back, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. “I think we like it,” Meg breathed. “I think we should try it again. Just to be sure.” They tried it several more times, just to be sure, and eventually decided that they did like kissing. They liked it a lot”

“Maybe it was human nature to want to please the person who rejects you, who wants you to prove you deserve to be loved. Maybe.”

“I was thinking of something that made me unhappy.” Simon stopped snarling and cocked his head, looking more baffled than angry. “Why would you do that?”

“And he wondered just how much teasing she had received—and why human males would train a female to shoot a gun and then tease her into being angry enough to shoot them. “I’m”

“ look the truth in the face - not the truth that has fangs and fur but the hard truth about yourself, that you're just as dangerous as the beings the rest of the people fear but you can't afford to be as honest about it. You can't tell those people that you'll make deals with what they fear in order to keep them sage from the monsters who look just like them.”

“You couldn’t help someone who didn’t want help. That was a hard, and bitter, life lesson.”

“Anger and reason are rarely partners,”

“why human males would train a female to shoot a gun and then tease her into being angry enough to shoot them.”

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