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Love Forever

Mahiraj Jadeja

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Nature is mother that gives happiness to humanity, It sublimes the fire in us by going on in our life, That is the law of Nature, It is a cycle of Creation, Restoration and destruction, A human can’t do anything but to accept it, Those accepts the law becomes one with nature, And for those who doesn’t, Nature also doesn’t accept humans and everyone knows the consequences, But foolish people keep on doing bloody experiment!”

“The bitter truth is that humans should love and cry for friend and relatives, When they need and when they are alive! Crying after death has no meaning, it is just bloody formality!”

“Oh! My friend! My cup of poison! Now I don’t remember world anymore as you are my world! Then I will become unconscious as the first drop of poison, Will be kissing my mind, Oh! Now I can sing songs of Happiness, My heart is getting stabbed with arrows! Now I am hopeless without desire, And now I have no remembrance of past pain, Oh friend! You are not poison, You are God’s nectar for me! Now my heart will stop beating, SO know more pain, Now I shall leave! But the illusion of nature, My lover suddenly comes in front of me crying, But I have decided that I shall become one with earth! The world will not stop if I die! NO one really loved me in reality, It was illusion that contains possession, Now my heart is tired and my soul is at peace, No more cries, I leave body breathless, It is a bitter truth that, Man comes crying goes crying!”

“My heart got drenched by tears, got overflow with it, The pain remained in heart as there was no one to embrace me, Now I have neither consciousness nor expectation. I gave my life to ocean as happiness and sadness became same for me, Let my heart be like waves looking for love, But all now I will keep wandering forever for love till the ends ofti me, Lifeless forever, Just as castle build of sands always gets washed off!”

“Don’t cry! Oh my Mind! Don’t waste tears like river, Tears are like elixir of life, So don’t waste it for love, But I have to cry, And I cried so much that flowers starting blooming by my tears, My tears makes desert into green field, Ok! Cry, cry like a shower if you have pain, Let rain of tears fall over the earth, Let me go crying in the forest so I can be alone, So that tree will grows out of your tears, Your tears will get evaporated and turns into cloud, This will bring rains! And you might get relief from your pain!”

“Tears are such bliss for lovers, It comes out both in love and pain!”

“Oh Love! I give up you and your sweetness As death can only give me real relief! Although my innocence still care about love! Oh Love! When you are sweet? Death becomes bitter, And Love becomes bitter death becomes sweeter! Oh Love! If Death is really sweeter then let me die! A day will come you will die and your love will get apart, Then why live and go through the pain of losing one’s partner! Still mind is wavering between choosing love or death? Debating which is sweeter than the other? Hey God! Let me and my lover live forever hand in hand, Or give me dog’s death right now!”

“Oh Lord! I beg you not to give me eternity or heaven, I just want to take birth thousands of time again and again, To get peaceful mother love!”

“No one desires to end their happiness by sadness! But who can defy nature’s illusion? We being materialistic keep on taking birth to love, Which is temporary in this world full of darkness? Get your mind out of this worldly short term pleasure, We born out of sand will go in sand! Everything goes but why this bloody lust doesn’t go?”

“Oh Lover! Oh my Queen! You took everything from me, Now I have got nothing, you made me saint like! The charm of love is gone, now I am Carefree, I have no expectation from you and life, you made me saint like! Now I don’t wear costly robes! My heart has turned to ashes! I have no worry for fortune, you made me saint like! What I was, that I was, that is not, I am not, I give up, and gave everything for her, she made me saint like! Now there is no life in my body, she made me saint like, Pain is only relief, she made saint like!”

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