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Third Debt

Pepper Winters

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Love is something that strikes without warning to the most unsuspecting. It’s a fucking gift and so goddamn priceless, but only the worthy realise what they have. Only the ones truly deserving fight every fucking day to treasure it. And those who don’t…they end up alone.”

“She is my salvation, my reason for existence, my queen.”

“Nothing is ever black and white, Nila. You should know that bu now. Its all how you survive the grey." -Kes”

“Needle&Thread: did everything change? My heart beats for you, my soul craves yours. During the Second Debt we shared everything. We were free. I hate this distance now. Talk to me. Tell me what you’re thinking. You give me nothing, but I see everything. Trust me. Come to me tonight. Let me show you I’m yours forever. This doesn’t have to be complicated. I love you. Love is simple, kind. Love is forgiveness. Can we forgive each other before it’s too late? Tears ran silently over my cheeks as I pressed send.”

“I see the way you look at me. I feel the way you touch me. I hear the hidden messages in your voice. Unlike you, I’ve been blessed knowing the warmth that comes with love. The way a person’s eyes glow and body softens. You love me! And if you can stand there and deny it—when it’s so blatantly obvious—then there really is no hope for us. You might as well march me outside and complete the Final Debt, because I’d rather you kill me quickly than live through this endless death!”-Nila”

“If a guardian angel had told me this would happen. If they'd come to me the night before you stole me and explained the atrocities I would live through, I would still have come with you." - Nila”

“love…love tears out your insides and leaves you hollow, leaving you destined to live an empty existence until death.”

“What do you want from me, Nila? You want to know that I fucking love you more than I can stand? That I’m breaking because I know I’m not good enough for you? What ?” My world stood still. “...I fucking love you...” He admitted it.”

“Pressing her breasts against my chest, she whispered in my ear, “I came here to be filled, taken, ridden. I came to find you again. I came to remind you of what we have. I came for so many reasons, Jethro, but most of all, I came to save you.”

“My emotions split into an unsolvable jigsaw puzzle. I was smooth edges, crooked edges, and awkward corner edges. I was cutthroat and fierce, betrayer and deceiver, loved and lover.”

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