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Cecelia Ahern

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I hate goodbyes, but hating them is never a justification to stay.”

“To look back, to go back, is not to be weak. It is not to reopen wounds. It takes strength, it takes courage. It takes a person who is more in control of who they are to cast a discerning, non-judgmental eye over who they once were.”

“The cold, like the darkness, can become a deceptive comfort you never want to leave.”

“I've come to believe that at different times our lives we are drawn to certain people for various reasons, mainly because that version of ourselves is connected to that version of them at that particular time. If you stick at it, work at it, you can grow in different directions together. Sometimes you get pulled apart, but I believe there is the right person, the one, for all the different versions of yourself. Gabriel and I lived in the now. Gerry and I aimed for forever. We got a fraction of forever. And an enjoyable now and a fraction of forever is always better than doing nothing.”

“I found a new and surprising strength inside of me, I found it at the bottom of a dark and lonely place, but I found it. And unfortunately, that’s where we find most of life’s treasures. After digging, toiling in the darkness and dire, we finally hit something concrete. I learned that rock bottom can actually be a springboard.”

“I am just a chapter in your life, there will be many more.”

“We want to control our deaths, our goodbye to the world, and if we can't control is, we can at least control how we leave it behind.”

“Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

“People can surprise you when you suffer through grief. It's not true that you discover who your friends are, but it's true to say that their characters are revealed.”

“Inveniam viam - I shall either find a way or make one.”

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