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Lead by choice, not by checks

Janna Cachola

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Boldness isn't second nature to everyone, it is intentionality”

“Leadership is not a position. It is who you are.”

“It's great to have opinions, however opinions do better by WORK not by WORD. Don't just say it, show it.”

“Having a sense of urgency is good, but ensure to bring an essence of excellence in what you do.”

“Connection and teamwork are very much intertwined. If you can't connect with a person be a team player. If a person does not show teamwork connect with them. All engagement is centered around relationships”

“You are an ambassador of your company as soon as you put your uniform on”

“In leadership, language is everything. Be careful not to use UNDERPerform when a team member MISperforms. One mistake is not under-performance”

“Effort means nothing without consistency”

“Effective leadership is purely effective listening. There will be problems in any organisation, your job is to actively listen so you can lead solutions.”

“Your vision is sometimes seen through your actions. As leaders, it's our responsibilty to give our teams the experience of that vision by our work each day.”

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