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Coffee Shop Devos: Daily Devotional Pick-Me-Ups for Teen Girls

Tessa Emily Hall

Top 10 Best Quotes

“As we become obsessed with Jesus, we’ll begin to reflect His image to those around us. Our speech will transform. Our character will look more like His. Why? Because our lives will always mirror the idols of our hearts.”

“The next time you find yourself ashamed of your reflection, put on your new lens. Not the lens of the world, but the lens of the Word. The only lens that will reveal your true reflection.”

“When we reach the end of our short lives on earth, Jesus isn’t going to ask us how many followers we had on social media; He’s going to ask us how many of those lives we touched.”

“God knew He had to create you in a way that would suit your story.”

“Because the same God who paints a rainbow across the sky after a rainstorm is the same One who can produce joy from our hardships.”

“When you try to be someone else, you’re not only neglecting your true self; you’re also sacrificing the potential God has planted within you. The potential to rise to your calling, reach others through your gifts, and make a difference.”

“People often joke about how they’re unable to make conversation until they’ve had their morning cup of coffee. What if we treated our daily quiet time with the same importance? What if we decided not to speak to anyone until we spend time with our Creator and allow Him to fill us with His Spirit first thing in the morning?”

“He’s not going to applaud us for becoming famous during our lifetimes; He’s going to ask us how we used our spotlight to bring Him glory. He’s not going to ask us how many trophies and awards we received; He’s going to ask us how we used our gifts to build the body of Christ.”

“We don’t have to remain in the filth of yesterday. Jesus didn’t die for the spiritually clean; He died for those who reek with sin. What’s the purpose of His blood if not to wash away our yesterday?”

“His blood poured out on the cross was to bring about your healing. Every bruise inflicted upon his body was tolerated because of His overwhelming love for you. He knew every sin you’d commit, yet He still chose to bear your punishment.”

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