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Tied Within

Rasmenia Massoud

Top 10 Best Quotes

“It’s strange how easy it was, once we tried, to just spend time being broken together.”

“It’s the way people look at you when they know you’re damaged, but don’t know how to react to knowing a thing like that.”

“It isn't fair the way memory twists up the things it shows you.”

“People like to put their paranoia on you to keep you from having the fun they’re afraid to have themselves.”

“When I start something, I can never finish it. I just can’t dedicate myself to wanting or doing a thing for an extended period of time like that. I get started doing and before I reach the halfway mark, I’m wanting something else. But, really, it’s not me, it’s everything moving around me, changing and wreaking havoc on my wants. I decided it's easier to stop starting things because it’s impossible to keep up with the world, the way it constantly throws new stuff at you.”

“We just didn’t want to go home, where we would be surrounded by what we truly are and all that we pretended to be, facing what we might never reach.”

“There’s nothing the dead can tell you that the living can’t,” he’d said to me. “World is indifferent to your feelings. World has no responsibility and no reasons why a serial killer can randomly create orphans and then disappear, and no antipathy for assholes who get drunk and kill, then go free a couple of years later. You gotta look for joy, not reasons and explanations.”

“That’s the cool thing about the past,” Bronwyn says, “It’s temporary. If you don’t like the one you have, you can just keep making new ones until you find one that’s a good fit.”

“I don’t know how to find the future, or where to start looking for it.”

“I don’t know how to be any version of me, much less a new and improved me.”

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