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Shoko's Smile: Stories

Choi Eunyoung

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Those were the days when I believed my life would turn out special. I secretly sneered at cowards who compromised with reality. But this silly arrogance of mine is the reason why I am nothing now.”

“I wish you the blessing of oblivion, and that you will find the strength to exist moment by moment.”

“Time passes, people leave, we become alone again. If we don't accept that fact, memory erodes the present and exhausts the mind until it ages us and ails us.”

“People locked their hearts at some point in their lives, as if everyone had agreed to do so. Then they made acquaintances outside those locks, with people who would never hurt them or be hurt by them, formed savings groups among themselves, vacationed with other married couples, or went hiking together. Telling each other that they never wanted to go back to being twenty. Saying they were pretty clueless back then, weren’t they?”

“I couldn’t stand her love, which did not reject even the ugliest of my faces. I couldn’t stand it because I had been afraid of being loved from the beginning.”

“art in general, only revealed its true face to hardworking geniuses, not hardworking mediocrities.”

“If you couldn't share someone's pain,, if you didn't have the guts to survive a difficult stretch with them, it was better to choose heartlessness over half-hearted affection.”

“We should distinguish love from affection.”

“We didn’t know how to be horrible to each other. But looking back, not even knowing how to be horrible to each other—that unawareness—was the most horrible part.We had been politely covering each other’s eyes. In the end, I took my hand off his eyes first, and we split up cleanly. That farewell proved there was no love left between us because the last moment of lovers was never supposed to be so clean. We had simply moved from one dot to another.”

“The attitudes they adopted out of consideration for each other slowly drove them apart, and the bond they had forged during the time they lived together could no longer sustain their relationship.”

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