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Secrets of Divine Love Journal: Insightful Reflections that Inspire Hope and Revive Faith

A. Helwa

Top 10 Best Quotes

“REMEMBER: No matter what happens in your life, if it turns you towards Allah, it is a blessing. Whether Allah is testing you to strengthen you or holding you accountable for a sin you may have committed, the response is the same: turn to Allah and ask for His help and guidance.”

“The question is not whether God is lovingly speaking to us, the question is, are we open enough to listen?”

“The Qur’an is a divine map, a flashlight in the dark night, a compass that leads us back to the home we left so long ago.”

“Someone once asked a spiritual master, “What is the end of the path?” The master replied, “The path has no end because the Beloved has no end.”

“REMEMBER: Prayer is not about punishment or reward; it is about cultivating a genuine connection with God. The deep purpose of prayer is not to obtain a certain outcome; rather, it is about having an intimate conversation with your Lord.”

“Prayer, then is a means of undressing the ego of its superficiality and coming to the Divine presence with all of our neediness and humility.”

“Oh Allah, open my heart to receive the light of Your guidance and all-encompassing love. My Lord, guide me to the inner truths of my own being and help me to walk the spiritual path with gratitude and humility.”

“As Muslims we can advise one another from love, but the role of the Divine Judge, Al-Hakam, is purely reserved for Allah alone. As Muslims we can’t be harsh with the creation and expect the Creator of that creation to be soft with us. In fact, the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم tells us, “The merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One in the heavens will have mercy upon you.”

“Allah is always with us. His light never extinguishes. If we experience darkness or separation it is a function of a part of us knowingly or unknowingly closing the eyes of our hearts to the everlasting presence of His love, mercy, and truth. The Divine is the only eternal reality in and beyond existence; everything else is impermanent. All variability in our experience of Allah has to do with our state, not His.”

“Where Allah is metaphorically whole, we are nothing but holes. We are made of atoms, which are 99.99999 per cent made of empty space. In essence, when we reach for anything in existence other than Allah, we are reaching for emptiness. Nothing in this world can fill us because everything in this existence is also made of empty atoms.”

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