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The Right Swipe

Alisha Rai

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Every time you hurt someone, you break off a little piece of them. Not only do they have to live with that broken piece, then the next person who comes along has to figure out a way to spackle that spot. Your behavior has ripple effects.”

“It's not a weakness to take care of yourself. Asking for and taking what you need to function should never be considered a weakness.”

“No one's universally liked. Beyoncé isn't universally liked. Has that stopped her? No. Be like Beyoncé.”

“Trust is the only reason the world ever functions as it should. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't, and I know that uncertainty is scary, but that's the only way you figure out who your closet people are.”

“Nobody spoke enough about how much bodies could be starved for platonic affection. She knew she gave off strong Do Not Touch vibes, but she needed occasional hugs too.”

“The people I loved, I chose wisely. When I did reach out, they were right there.”

“That’s fine. We do only the things we’re capable of doing”

“It was so much easier to write people off. Much harder to navigate the gray areas of interpersonal relationships.”

“I have glitter in my hair.” Tina grimaced. “Uh, yes. Would you like me to...” “Help me remove the herpes of crafts from my hair?”

“Find me the empty soul who doesn’t get emotional over While You Were Sleeping.”

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