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Barry Hannah

Top 10 Best Quotes

“What a bog and labyrinth the human essence is... We are all overbrained and overemotioned.”

“My sense of the past is vivid and slow. I hear every sign and see every shadow.”

“I looked over the despondency of the home crowd. Fools! Fools! I thought. Love it! Love the loss as well as the gain. Go home and dig it. Nobody was killed. We saw victory and defeat, and they were both wonderful.”

“Unable to swim, he had maneuvered to fall off an old-timers’ party yacht in the Hudson River. His departure was not remarked by the revelers. They motored on toward the Atlantic and he bobbed around in the wash. He couldn’t swim. But he did. He learned how. Before he knew it, he was making time and nearing the dock where a small Italian liner sat dead still, white, three stories high. Nobody was around when he pulled up on a stray rope on the wharf and walked erect to the street, where cars were flashing. Day after tomorrow was his seventieth birthday. What a past, he said. I’ve survived. Further, I’m horny and vindictive. Does the fire never stop?”

“I think women are closer to God than we are. They walk right out there like they know what they're doing.”

“Memory, the whole lying opera of it, is killing me now.”

“She had shared his sheets, and, in nightmares of remorse, he had shared her body, waking with drastic regret, feeling as soiled and soilsome as the city itself.”

“What he was was pretty near invisible, except for the bell of his horn, the all-but-closed eyes, the Arabian nose, the brown hair with its halo of white ends, the desperate oralness, the giant reed punched into his face, and hazy Quadberry, loving the wound in a private dignified ecstasy.”

“He sifted into Elaine’s, drunk, Southern and insulting, but was ignored.”

“I am a dragon. America the beautiful, like you will never know.”

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