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No Parking. No Halt. Success Non Stop!

Abhishek Ratna

Top 10 Best Quotes

“The focus should be on becoming a strong and influential personality – cultivate compelling communication skills, focus on building trust and learn how to expand and leverage your professional network.”

“The feeling of resentment and inferiority is natural and nothing much can be done about it. What can be done is to think, where these feelings will lead you? If you want to be a winner in life, if you want to reach the top, then make sure that these feelings of resentment and inferiority lead you to nothing else but aspiration!”

“In the present day corporate world, it is utmost important to build a personal brand for yourself and anyone who knows the basics of brand-building would know that it is impossible without proper self promotion!”

“Your personal and professional lives will have to go hand in hand and will have influence on each other.”

“You can win in multiple ways - A manager should never restrict himself when it comes to exploring possibilities.”

“Use social events, social networks and every get-together at work to build a stronger brand YOU!”

“Move out of your comfort zone, develop those necessary skills and go all out for that much needed advancement!”

“Make sure you work at a place which gives you opportunities to learn, travel, explore, interact with intellectuals and new work skills.”

“Listen to others very carefully. Shut your inner noise and focus on verbal and non verbal cues.”

“All of us, as human beings, seek to be respected. Even those who do not respect others have a deep seated desire to be respected.”

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