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Taste of Torment

Suzanne Wright

Top 10 Best Quotes

“There’s no way that we’ll manage to keep quiet. The mansion is packed full of people and I’m not sure if the walls are vampire-soundproof.” He began slithering down my body. “Then don’t forget to comment on how big my dick is.”

“It seemed that people had a habit of underestimating my blunt, crazy, homicidal ray of sunshine” Excerpt From: Wright, Suzanne. “Taste of Torment.” iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.”

“Do you think Jared would ever tolerate another vampire drinking from me for any reason whatsoever?” No, I fucking wouldn’t. She was mine – I didn’t want anyone else touching her, let alone drinking from her. And, if I was honest, I’d be jealous of any blood-link that she had with another person. I only wanted her to be linked to me. Yeah, that was unhealthily possessive but I’d never pretended to be anything else.”

“I’m not stubborn, I’m tenacious – it’s a gift and a curse.”

“A lot of people who are straight-shooting…they’re only happy to be so blunt when talking about others. They’re not so upfront about who they are, what flaws they have, and what their issues are.”

“You’ll pay for this”. I had to battle a smile. She didn’t bother to hide hers. “If you mean you’re going to tie me to the bed again and make me come over and over until I can’t think straight… come and give it to me”. “I did. You swallowed it, remember?” “Ooh, good one.”

“I love you ... Baby, you’re the only ‘good’ thing that I’ve ever had. There’s simply no fucking way I’m letting anything at all happen to you. No. Way.”

“Don’t think I’m letting you die tonight, Sam.”

“Despite that I was sober as a judge, I felt drunk from Jared’s teasing . Of course he thought that was hilarious and was very pleased with himself. So I bit him. The thing about Sventé saliva was that it could spark the ‘blood donor’ to have an orgasm if the vampire drank from them for more than ten seconds … I counted to eight before releasing him, but the damage was done – he was as horny as I was and more than ready to fuck. About bloody time. “I take it you’re ready to leave now.” His lopsided smile had me smiling back. “You’re a tricky bitch, aren’t you? I can respect that.” He teleported us both to the living area of our apartment, where we instantly dived on each other.”

“Okay, no more talk about other people. I think we should talk about how great I am and how hot you are for me.” I burst out laughing. “You know it’s true.”

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