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Bound and Determined

Grace A. Johnson

Top 10 Best Quotes

“He knew I was unworthy. He knew I was the worst of sinners. And yet I dared to come before Him.”

“I was a boy once myself, you know. I can tell when a lad carries a torch for a lass.” “Now I know you’re joking with me, Keaton. Not only does that adolescent child not ‘carry a torch’ for me, but you wouldn’t know love from hate if it slapped you in the face.” “Probably because love wouldn’t slap a person.”

“You stopped looking, like Peter out on the waves. The moment he took his eyes off of Jesus, doubted His power, His love, and His grace, he began to sink. Cease looking at the storm around you, the water beneath you, the sky above you. Stay your course and focus solely upon the foundation of your faith, the path upon which you step, the hand that you know will always catch you, the eyes which will forever be brimming with love.”

“Sometimes you must acknowledge what you are before you can change who you are.”

“Losing something hurts more than never having it, lad.” “But what if you lost what you had refused to gain?”

“In the end, He was Lord over all the if onlys and all the endless possibilities, and He knew which path was the best to take. Even if it were the most painful.”

“I know I’m right. I wouldn’t be sayin’ anything if I was wrong.”

“Grace for tomorrow, mercy for yesterday, and strength for today.”

“Fear was both an advantage and a hindrance. If the enemy caught a whiff of it, I could very well consider myself dead now. But if I harnessed that fear, channeling it into a well of courage, confidence, and stupidity? I could conquer the world! Granted, I would most likely need a lot of fear to go that far.”

“Billy, I ask you, what is holding you back? What inhibition have you? What restrains you from Christ and His love? You have been with me for nigh unto three years and in those years you have seen Jesus’ power raise a man from death, cure a woman from sickness, mend the broken, redeem the sinner, and bless the unloved. Tell me, why do you keep running?”

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