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The Collected Stories of Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield

Top 10 Best Quotes

“How beautiful she loked, but there was nobody to see, nobody.”

“... I find in all the works of the greatest writers, especially in their unedited letters, some touch, some sign of myself - some resemblance, some part of myself, like a thousand reflections of my own hands in a dark mirror.”

“... always with that magical child air about her, that delightful sense of perpetually attending a party.”

“But, my darling, if you love me,' thought Miss Meadows, 'I don't mind how much it is. Love me as little as you like.”

“Although Bertha Young was thirty she still had moments like this when she wanted to run instead of walk, to take dancing steps on and off the pavement, to bowl a hoop, to throw something up in the air and catch it again, or to stand still and laugh at - nothing - at nothing, simply.”

“I long to do wild, passionate things.”

“I feel as though I were living in a world of strange beings — do you? It’s people that make things so — silly. As long as you can keep away from them you’re safe and you’re happy.”

“... A wet night. They are going home together under an umbrella. They stop on the door to press their wet cheeks together.”

“Regret is an appalling waste of energy, and no one who intends to be a writer can afford to indulge in it.”

“The smell of leaves and wet black earth mingled with the sharp smell of the sea.”

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