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Giant Country

Emory R. Frie

Top 10 Best Quotes

“I’m going to fix everything.” “Ah, but darling, you don’t have to.”

“Ghosts don’t stay buried when they’re laced in gold.”

“Feuds are weeds... Once it’s grown roots, it’s harder to dig up; and it’s far easier to spread.”

“We’re a little messed up, aren’t we?" “I’ve met worse." “I know. I almost feel bad for Alice—you know, since she’s supposed to be the crazy one.”

“I want my sons to learn to make something, not just destroy.”

“The problem with wishing was that it only worked with stars and flowers, and neither were at her disposal.”

“Everyone’s important. Trouble is trying to figure out why.”

“They had to leave their mark somehow. Little had he known their mark dug up gold and blood.”

“I keep secrets, too... I just ignore them until I run headlong into them.”

“I guess that’s the soft spot for orphans, eh? We’re so hungry for a father that we go blind.”

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