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The Story of Every Flower

Carrie Schmitt

Top 10 Best Quotes

“Everything grows from darkness. It is the place that molds thought into form. It is the place that calls forth our creativity. It is where I have found my home.”

“Sometimes painting is just prayerful movement. And that is enough.”

“I am a sensation of light, fire, bursting, shifting, cracking, floating, flowing. I am an eruption, an awakening, a monsoon of myself. I am a memory of eternal oneness.”

“What I know for sure is that a loving creative force surrounds us at all times. We are always invited to co-create with it, and when we do we connect to that which is One with the entire universe.”

“The question is not, “Am I creative?” The question is, “Am I going to use my creativity in a way that expands or diminishes my life and those around me?”

“The darkness is a space of letting go, of unraveling, of allowing destruction. From these painful transitions we emerge with even stronger wings made of grit and grace.”

“One of the greatest acts of violence is not allowing someone to be who she is, including oneself.”

“My paintings come from darkness as much as light. There is so much more to the story than the bloom. If you see my beauty, you see my pain transformed in darkness through prayer and persistence.”

“I refuse to be the cause of my own suffering.”

“From all the mishaps and missteps, my life has been presented with one persistent question, "How can I turn this burden into a blessing?" Answering this question has become the guiding light in the inevitable and fruitful darkness.”

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