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The Holy Science

Yukteswar Giri

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When the carnivorous animal finds prey, he boldly seizes the prey and greedily laps the jetting blood. On the contrary, the herbivorous animal refuses his natural food, leaving it untouched, if it is sprinkled with a little blood. In men we find they cannot bear even the sight of [animal] killings. Slaughterhouses are always recommended to be removed far from the towns. Can flesh then be considered the natural food of man, when both his eyes and his nose are so much against it, unless deceived by flavors of spices, salt and sugar?”

“When love appears in the heart, it removes all causes of excitation from the system and cools it down to a perfectly normal state; and, invigorating the vital powers, expels all foreign matters - the germs of disease - by natural ways (perspiration and so forth). It thereby makes man perfectly healthy in body and mind.”

“[Reaching higher levels of spiritual development is attainable by] the purification of the body [from lower vibrations, habits and emotions]. Purification of [different parts of a person can be achieved in the following ways:] - the material body can be effected by things generated along with it by Nature; - the electric body, by patience in all circumstances; - the magnetic body by regulation of the breath.”

“[When] the heart becomes perfectly purified, instead of merely reflecting the spiritual light, [it] actively manifests [it]. Entering the kingdom of Spiritual Light, he becomes Christ[-like].”

“[When] man directs his organs of sense through which he enjoys, towards the object of his desire, he can never be satisfied, and his desires increase in double force. On the contrary, if he can direct his organs of sense inward towards his Self, at that time he can satisfy his heart immediately.”

“[How "magical charms" work for healing:] [It is Divine Love that heals and cures. But many people have difficulty accessing the full power of Divine Love. So magical charms can act as a permission slip to let Love and faith in, to do the healing.] Ignorant people in their blind faith would accept a piece of wood or stone as their Savior or Divinity in the external creation, for which their heart's natural love will develop till by its energetic tendency it will relieve them of all exciting causes, cool their system down to a normal state, and invograte their vital powers. The adepts, on the other hand, having full control over the whole material world, find their Divinity and Savior in Self and not outside in the external world.”

“When Divine Love becomes well developed, Ignorance (Maya) begins to be withdrawn.”

“We favor those persons whose magnetism affects us harmoniously, who cool our system, internally invigorate our vitality, develop out natural love, and thus relieve us of our miseries and administer peace to us.”

“Victorious over the powers of Darkness and Ignorance, man becomes one with God.”

“There are five states of the human heart. By these different states of the heart, man is classified, and his evolutionary status determined. [...] [1.] The Dark Heart: In the dark state of the heart, man thinks that his material portion of creation is the only real substance in existence, and that there is nothing besides. [2.] The Propelled Heart: When man becomes a little enlightened, his heart becomes propelled to learn the real nature of the universe and seeks for advice to determine what is truth. [3.] Steady Heart: The whole of that system is said to be in Dwapara Yuga. Man gradually comes to a pleasant state wherein his heart wholly abandons the ideas of the external world and becomes devoted to the internal one. [4.] Devoted Heart: Man become able to understand the whole of Darkness, Maya [=illusion] itself. This state of human being is called Treta; the whole of that system is said to be Treta Yuga. [5.] Clean Heart: Ignorance being withdrawn, his heart comes to a clean state, void of all external ideas. Then man becomes able to comprehend the Spiritual Light, Brahma, the Real Substance in the universe, which is the last and everlasting spiritual portion in creation. This stage of human being is called Satya; the whole of that system is said to be Satya Yuga. When the heart becomes purified, it no longer merely reflects, but manifests Spiritual Light. In this state, man is called Jivanmukta Sannyasi, like Lord Jesus of Nazareth. In this state, man comprehends himself as nothing but a mere ephemeral idea resting on a fragment of the universal Holy Spirit of God.”

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