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InstaGrateful: Finding Your Bliss in a Social Media World

Sheri Fink

Top 10 Best Quotes

“When we find ways to bring more fun, joy, and playfulness into our daily lives, we sparkle with our own unique style and empower others to shine their special light as well.”

“What we do, and how we live, teaches people far better than our judgments and advice ever could.”

“We each have 24 hours in a day. How are you going to use yours? Watching the news and scrolling on social media, or using technology as a powerful tool to accomplish your goals and live your dreams?”

“Your life is so precious. Don’t waste it seeking other people’s approval or permission to pursue your dreams.”

“When you feel prosperous, you have an abundance mentality that recognizes that you have good luck and you’re going to play whatever cards you’re dealt to the best of your ability.”

“When we take full accountability for our lives, we alchemize seemingly negative occurrences into opportunities. We stand in our power and take action to get the results we want while letting go of the need to control the outcome.”

“When we let go of concern or worry about what others think about us, we free ourselves to be the weird and wonderful people we were born to be.”

“When we feel powerful, we feel that our voices have value, our choices matter, and our actions can make a difference.”

“When we add more panache to our lives, we feel more vibrant and alive. That confidence can’t help but spill out onto the world around us and attract new people, exciting opportunities, and good hair days. Who doesn’t want that?”

“We are so much more than our social media profiles, and it’s important to always remember that, even when it doesn’t feel like it.”

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