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Richard Heart

Top 10 Best Quotes

“You’re only awake 16 hours a day. Now subtract out all the hours where you have to be doing something. How many hours are left? Three? This is your free time. Choose wisely how you spend these precious few hours.”

“What you discover is that if you want to live properly in this world, you need to be a little greedy.”

“Learn the language you need. Learn the language of business (accounting) Learn the language of scalability (programming) Learn the language of entrepreneurship (influence)”

“for a million dollars it’s very easy for people to fall out of love with you”

“You’re supposed to cycle into and out of happiness, just like sleep, just like eating, just like breathing, in and out.”

“You’re supposed to be the path to value, not the path to suffering.”

“Your offspring will look like you and operate like you, if you were there to raise them, and even if you were not.”

“Your chances of being overconfident or under educated are the least today that they have ever been because of the advent of 500 people on Facebook telling you what a dumbass you might be, and how good Google information is.”

“Your body has evolved for some activity during the day. Work out hard during the day and you’ll sleep like a baby at night.”

“You won’t have the problem of a 200-year-old man for at least 80 years, so don’t worry about it. In 80 years we’ll have more than enough resources to handle a cool 200-year-old dude.”

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